Prof Garry Warne AM: Help us to help each other, as Christ accepted us. (lgbTIq)

An excellent sermon today from Professor Garry Warne AM.

Today, we reflected on Children with Special Needs and their carers, along with the Martyrs of New Guinea, and Fathers’ Day.

As the debate regarding Marriage Equality is raging, it is important to understand fully who we are in order to be respectful of one another.

Too often we hear “LGBTIQ+”, but are seldom aware of what that all means.

Today, reflecting on the readings, and the music selected, Prof Warne opened our eyes to the story of many who are T and I: Transgender and Intersex, and the professional study and assistance required in this field.

A truly remarkable sermon from an equally remarkable man.

Sermon for 3 Sept 2017