Getting Married at St Stephen’s

We come together in the presence of God, with family and friends, to witness the marriage…

Marriage is a lifetime committment to each other before God.  It is our privilege to journey with you.

Wedding FAQs

Who normally conducts weddings at St Stephen’s?

The vicar, Rev Matthew Healy, is the usual priest for conducting weddings at St Stephen’s.

Are there any special conditions about having our wedding at St Stephen’s?

Weddings at St Stephen’s are governed by rules set by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, along with the normal administrative requirements of the law.

At least the bride or groom must have been baptised.

If either of the wedding party has been validly married before, this should be discussed with the vicar when you first inquire.

How big is the church?

St Stephen’s is fairly large, and we can provide up to 200 seats.

The church is usually arranged with the seating in a large circle, which reflects our gathering around the Table of the Lord.  You might want to think about having your wedding in this arrangement, where you can be surrounded by family and friends.

The church can be arranged to more conventional block-seating with a centre aisle.

Can we bring our own celebrant?

Weddings held in St Stephen’s must be conducted by an ordained and licensed minister of the Anglican Church of Australia using an authorised form of marriage service, usually A Prayer Book for Australia (1995).

If you have been preparing for your marriage with an Anglican priest from another parish, they may be able to lead the service so long as they have a current Permission to Officiate from the Archbishop of Melbourne, and are willing to respect the traditions of St Stephen’s (i.e. be robed).

Clergy from outside the Diocese of Melbourne are asked to contact the Archbishop’s office to arrange permission to conduct a wedding at St Stephen’s.

Clergy from other denominations are welcome to participate in the ceremony by arrangement with the vicar.

Under the rules of the Diocese of Melbourne, the church cannot be hired to another denomination for a wedding. St Stephen’s is not available for weddings conducted by a civil celebrant.

How much does it cost to get married at St Stephens?

The cost of a wedding at St Stephen’s depends on what you want to do.  The average cost is up to $950.00.  This includes the following:

  • The marriage course (Prepare-Enrich).
  • Verger’s fee (the verger is the person who sets up and puts away, and helps the wedding to run smoothly).
  • Organist’s fee.  You may engage your own musician, but be aware that many organists and other musicians expect fees in excess of those asked for our in-house musicians.
  • A donation to the building fund.

If your wedding is conducted by a cleric from outside the parish fees must be negotiated.

Can we prepare and print our own service books?

Yes, so long as the contents are approved by the cleric conducting your wedding.

If you would like the parish office to prepare and print a booklet, we are able to offer an easy and quick turnaround using professional-level publishing software.

What about flowers?

Flowers should be arranged by the wedding party.  If you want to donate the flowers to the parish as a thanksgiving gift, they are gladly received.

What about photographs during the service?

Photography during the service is OK, but we’d strongly recommend that you consider using a professional photographer who will be sensitive to the worship space and time.  There is nothing worse than a distracting photographer!

Can we have our reception at St Stephen’s?

St Stephen’s does not have a hall available for receptions.  However, there is a simple kitchenette in the church, which is equipped with drinkware and boiling water on tap.  If you want to offer simple refreshments for your guests during the time before a reception at another venue it might be possible to use the facilities in the church.

Wedding @ St Stephens Brochure Jan 2017