Concerts, recitals and small gatherings.

St Stephen’s is often asked to host concerts, meetings and other public events.  The church building boasts a warm acoustic, suitable for concerts ranging from guitar and vocal ensembles through to symphonic brass and orchestras.

St Stephen’s does not have a hall facility to hire for parties.

First and foremost, St Stephen’s is a church, and whilst we do try to accommodate concerts and the like, our first priority is that of a functioning Parish Church. If the Church is required for pastoral services, especially unforeseen services such as funerals, the latter will always have precedence over any hired event. During Victorian school terms, Ivanhoe Grammar School often use the facilities on site for their Urban Studies programme. This will also limit the availability of the Church and surrounds.

Under the rules of the Diocese of Melbourne, the Church cannot be utilised for political purposes, nor for commercial gain.

The church is equipped with a PA system and hearing aid loop, chairs to seat up to 150 people, a Yamaha C6 grand piano, and facilities to serve finger food and hot and cold drinks.  The main entrances to the church building are step-free, and disabled toilet facilities are available on the property.

The interior of the church is a flexible space.  The usual configuration is a circle of 80 chairs surrounding the altar at the centre of the church.  All furnishings are easily moveable, although we insist of appropriate consideration that this is a sacred space.

How to arrange a booking

If you wish to inquire about using St Stephen’s Church, there are a few simple requirements.

Contact the parish office on 9428 4871 or by email to see if the time and date is available on the church diary, and the proposed hiring is within the Diocese of Melbourne guidelines.  We strongly recommend booking well in advance; many groups book dates in the church diary twelve months in advance.

The Parish Office will send you a quote for the event, and a document.  This document details your obligations when you hire St Stephen’s. Once you accept the quote and conditions, an invoice will be prepared. The office will then liaise with you regarding your access and departure.

How much time will you need?  Most concerts involve having the church open at least one hour before the audience arrives, and a further hour afterwards.  Be aware that you will be needing time to set up before your event, and further time to tidy up afterwards.

Think about the details of your event.   Do you need to arrange delivery and collection of percussions or props?

Will you need more than 130 chairs?  Additional seating is the responsibility of the hirer.

How much does it cost?

Hire rates are calculated on the total time of usage, including arrival, setting up, and cleaning up.  All rates quoted below are flat rates.

The Church is not available due to regular commitments at the following times:

Sundays: all morning, and from 5.50 p.m.

Limited access Tuesday evening.

Wednesday mornings and evenings.


Hiring charges from 1.00pm Sunday to 11.00pm Friday
Hourly rate (first six continuous hours) $30.00 + GST
Hourly rate (six to nine continuous hours) $27.00 + GST
Hourly rate (beyond nine continuous hours) $22.50 + GST
Rehearsals and workshops* $20.00 + GST per hour
* this refers to bookings where the public is not invited, no admission is charged, and the intent is preparation only.
Hiring charges for Saturdays
Hourly rates before 7.00pm as above
Hourly rate after 7.00pm $50.00 + GST
Rehearsals and workshops* $20.00 + GST per hour
* this refers to bookings where the public is not invited, no admission is charged, and the intent is preparation only.
All Saturday functions are required to be attended by a verger ($30.00 + GST per hour), as the church is to be cleaned and re-set for Sunday church services at the conclusion of the event.

Saturday evening functions must be completed and vacated from the property no later than 11.00pm

Other charges
Insurance $25.00