Refugee Sunday, 27th August, 2017

This Sunday, we keep REFUGEE SUNDAY.

Bishop Peter Danaher, together with our Theological Student Moe Win Tun Kin will be leading us to reflect on what it is to be a refugee, and to be mindful of our response to our extended family in need.

Moe Win Tun Kin, himself, is a refugee.

This will be a moving time of reflection.


Please be here at 10 a.m. for th

Sunday August 20

Fr Dennis is preaching this week.

“It is what comes from within that is corrupting”

Some very stern words from Jesus, or is it a sign for our times?

If we spout fear, hatred and demean others, are we capable of mindfulness and respect?

Looking back on the week of politics, just what do our words say about us?

What do our actions say about us?


10 a.m. Sunday.