Feast of St Mary Magdalene

After a wonderful baptism of Annie this morning, we turn towards this coming week.


Baptisms on Saturday morning of Clementine and Arthur West (11 a.m.)


Wedding of Nathan and Dianne at 2.30 p.m.


Ensemble Golden Tree rounds out the day with their evening recital.


That brings us onto Sunday!


Saint Mary Magdalene: much maligned, but entrusted with the most precious news of all:

He is risen indeed!


10 am Festive Eucharist.


Heads up for St Stephen’s Day August 3rd.

We welcome back as our guests Mother Carol Tanner CHN, and guest organist Chris Trikilis.


Light lunch to follow.

All welcome.

…ohh, it makes me wonder

Ohh…it makes me wonder…


After a week of “Café Church”, one wonders what next?
Baptism, and an 18th birthday!
We welcome Annie Mackell into our Church family this week; and 18 years on, we celebrate the baptism of Alana Lloyd.
Alana was told she wasn’t going to get this far.
Bishop Oliver took her in his arms, gave thanks to God, and wondered.
On Sunday, Annie will be taken in arms, and baptised in the name of the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity…
…and all of us will wonder.

10 a.m .Sunday.

Together, we are journeying towards that Stairway to Heaven.